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What does Enthusiasm mean?

Enthusiasm = Passion

The word « Enthusiasm » has its root in the Greek language, literally it means "the God (entheo) inside (iasm)". The etymology of the word thus points at its divine origin.

An enthusiastic person is someone who, in an extraordinary fashion, is inhabited by the spirit of God.

It is the trembling you feel when you take the risk of being yourself! Enthusiasm is a wave coming from the soul, that lifts you up and takes you along. It is the Life Energy that flows freely through you if you dare to be yourself!

Enthusiasm can be seen in the twinkling of your eyes, the determination in your step, the power in your hands, the irresistible energy pull of what you have decided to create.

Enthusiasm is the self-raising force that lifts your dreams up to the stars.The world evolves thanks to the thrust of strongly motivated and enthusiastic people.

Enthusiasm is the wondrous engine of life!